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BMX Sponsorships

BMX is a very popular sport with many fans and participants. There are BMX enthusiasts world wide, and in the United States there are a number of BMX dedicated parks and tracks for BMX riders to practice on and to race. BMX cycling is a challenging sport and there are top BMX riders who are awarded BMX sponsorships to advertise bikes, clothing and food and drinks. These sponsored riders have BMX bike's and equipment sponsored to them, but less well known riders may need help in acquiring the funds and equipment to keep up their BMX career. BMX riders may research BMX friendly companies or the manufacturers of bike racing equipment for sponsorship possibilities.

Some BMX sponsors have internet sites where riders may apply online and fill out specific questions potential sponsors may have. It is helpful (but not necessary) to have a portfolio to demonstrate commitment and any riding experience the rider has. It helps to be specific when writing to a BMX sponsorship company, and explain a little about the background of the rider, dedication and competitions the rider has participated in, as well as any team experience or clubs memberships.

When riders are sponsored, they are often the recipient of such bike racing gear as helmets, jerseys and other clothing, footwear, eyewear, bike and bike parts including tires, and also bike tools. Many BMX and bike racing sponsors also contribute funds to developing racing skills and to funding the building of and also the repair of tracks to on which riders may practice and race. Some tracks solicit their own sponsorship offers, and for a reasonable amount of money one's business may be represented on a banner or in advertisement. These advertisements may be on television, local cable networks, in calendars or on the internet.

The benefits that BMX sponsors receive when sponsoring a BMX racer are track representation through banners, announcements, stickers and equipment used. Other benefits gained are a wide exposure to many people in the from of an event that they are all genuinely interested in, as well as ad placement in publications, calendars, and on internet sites.



BMW Crowdfunding

Besides trying to find a corporate sponsor, you also might want to give crowdfunding a try. MAKEACHAMP’s crowdfunding platform opens the sponsorship opportunity for everyone. This simply means that a crowdfunding campaign gives everyone with a credit card and a desire to help the chance to sponsor an aspiring athlete. An athlete sponsor doesn’t have to be Nike anymore, it can be now be uncle John, it can be your cousin, it can be your neighbor or even your best friend. Hundreds of athletes have successfully raised their funds on MAKEACHAMP and you can also. To join this success click here.