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Skateboarding Sponsorship 

Skateboarding sponsors provide equipment, funding and exposure to skateboarders who have demonstrated ability in their sport. Skateboarding sponsorships contribute to the skateboarder's success as an individual who stands out among his or her peers. For those skateboarders who are gifted, show desire to succeed, and who are willing to hold up ther end of a promotional contract, skateboarding sponsorship may be in their future.

The key to successful skateboarding is practice. Practice not just in one park or a few streets, but on many streets and in many parks. Practicing the art of skateboarding is essential to improving technique, so when in competition a skateboarder stands out among the rest of the competitors. Experience in skateboard competition is important as well. This experience gives the skateboarder his or her chops, and a resume of experience that can be made into a portfolio to show to potential skateboard sponsors. Some of the larger competitions have sponsorship scouts and participating in competitions can create opportunities for sponsors to actually see what a skateboarder can do.

Skateboarders who wish to write to sponsors include a letter and often times a video to show the sponsor what they can do on their skateboard that makes them stand out from the rest. This skateboard sponsorship video must be well done and spotlight all the best highlights of the boarder's talents. Companies that sponsor skateboarders are usually those who manufacture skateboarding equipment. These skateboard sponsors usually have websites available that have forms online for boarders who want sponsoring.

Skateboard sponsorships offer skateboarders opportunities to use products that they will be asked to promote. Skateboards, wheels, clothing and food are just some of the skateboarding sponsorship benefits. Once a skateboarder has the sponsorship, it is up to that person to really promote the product and to be seen with the product at all times. Also, at times there are requirements of giving interviews and public talks and so the sponsored skateboarder must be friendly, intelligent and proud of the product.

Sponsors benefit from promotion by their product's exposure as used by a prominent person in the skateboarding community. This exposure will promote other boarders to use the product, and may entice persons who are not skateboard riders to take up the sport and generate a larger demographic for the product



Skateboarding Crowdfunding

Besides trying to find a corporate sponsor, you also might want to give crowdfunding a try. MAKEACHAMP’s crowdfunding platform opens the sponsorship opportunity for everyone. This simply means that a crowdfunding campaign gives everyone with a credit card and a desire to help the chance to sponsor an aspiring athlete. An athlete sponsor doesn’t have to be Nike anymore, it can be now be uncle John, it can be your cousin, it can be your neighbor or even your best friend. Hundreds of athletes have successfully raised their funds on MAKEACHAMP and you can also. To join this success click here.