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Let's face the reality, writing a blog post is probably on the bottom end of the task list for an athlete. Whether they don't see the point of it or they simply don't have the time or energy, athletes are not blogging. When asking them why they don't blog the most frequent reason we hear is that they don't know what to write about so with this post we want to share some ways that we at MAKEACHAMP use to generate ideas for blog posts.

  1. "Brain-dump"

There are times when we have a phase of inspiration - we feel that we can write an entire book. Instead of delving deep into a single blog you can use this inspiration to “braindump” all the blog ideas that you have for your blog. Make a list and from the list you can go into directly planning which blogs will be posted on which days in the month.

  1. Carrying a notebook

Carrying a notebook is a great way to make sure that you are constantly noting down ideas. This notebook can be your source for inspiration when you are stuck and cannot find the inspiration to write a blog.

  1. Getting external inspiration

Very often looking at other blogs will give you the ideas and the inspiration that you need in order to write your own blogs. This is partly because you might a different opinion than the blogs you read or you might realize how easy it is to push out a nice blog.

  1. Look back

Sometimes the best way to get new ideas is to look at your old content. Furthermore, what is best is NOT to create new content but to upgrade the old content. Not only will this prevent your old content from becoming “stale” but it will also shows progression.

For some examples of topics to write about take a look at this list:

  • Your training
  • Your competitions, past and future
  • Injuries and rehab
  • Diet and nutrition
  • What is happening in your sport

If you have any other ideas on blog topics or any methods to generate your own, put them in the comments below.