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MAKEACHAMP is on a mission to help as many athletes as possible. We're inviting your join us an make 2014 the year to support amateur/Olympic athletes. Here are 14 reasons you should join in.

1. They can’t do it without you

Athletes are extremely hard working and very often under funded. By not supporting our athletes we are sending them on missions without the fuel they need. Support Olympic and amateur athletes because without funding they simply can’t keep doing what they do best - win.

2. You are encouraging the pursuit of excellence

Investing in athletes, means you are encouraging the pursuit of excellence in sport! When you do that you are claiming that it is important for you that athletes continue to aim high and dedicate themselves to achieving goals. The more we support athletes the healthier and more successful our citizens will be.

3. An amateur athlete will thank you!

An Olympic or amateur athlete is much more appreciative of your support than any professional athlete. When you support an amateur athlete you will be overwhelmed with the amount of gratitude you will receive. They will forever remember you for being there in a pivotal point in their lives.

4. You are part of the athlete’s team and journey

You are no longer on the sidelines; you are an active participant in the athlete’s career. Now you can enjoy their successes and support them during their failures. Being a part of their journey is something special and unique; something you have to experience.

5. Connect with high-performing athletes and get inspired

Since amateur and Olympic athletes are more accessible, you can connect with them on a much more personal level. The closer you get to the athlete the more you will find out about their story, their courage and dedication. You will quickly find yourself inspired from their story, motivation and work ethic.

6. A better future for the next generation

The athletes that you support will be the future heroes and role models of the next generation. Everyone needs a role model and you are helping shape these role models by giving them support at critical points of their athletic career.

7. You’re improving the chances of success for the athlete

Whether funding buys medals can be debated but no one can argue that funding definitely helps! This funding can cover neglected medical attention, equipment or even a tournament expenses that can make the difference in the athletes career.

8. You’re making it all worth it

Many athletes have sacrificed big portions of their lives trying to achieve their athletic goals. They put their body on the line on a daily basis but support from you will make it all worth it. By supporting them you are telling them that all their work was worthwhile. They are working their butt off to represent their community and now the community is starting to support them. Your support motivates, inspires and allows the athlete to take concrete steps towards their goals.

9. Make a real difference

When you contribute to an athlete on MAKEACHAMP you are making a real difference. Supporting an athlete is a good deed and you should enjoy the self-gratification of helping an athlete achieve their dreams. Don’t underestimate the power of a contribution; it can make a serious difference.

For businesses:

10. Motivate your team

You can make a significant improvement in your business by connecting your team with motivated athletes. Set up a meeting between your employees or your team with athletes and get your team to draw motivation from these athletes.  Your team will be refreshed with new motivation to achieve their necessary missions and overcome challenges.

12. Align your company brand with the athlete’s qualities

Consumers purchase athlete endorsed products because of what the athlete represents to the consumer. If a consumer has grown to trust, respect and adore an athlete, they will also trust, respect and adore the company endorsed by the athlete. Support an athlete and align your company brand with the athlete’s qualities of hard work and dedication.

13. ROI – get a return on investment

Not only do athletes appeal to a large demographic simply by their status, they also have a large following! When you support an amateur or Olympic athlete you are able to target their base of followers, which includes other athletes, fans and simply sport lovers. This is a unique opportunity that can have a large impact on the bottom line of a business

14. [insert your reason here…]

In the comments below add reasons why you think athletes should get more support!