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 Success Stories

Haley Daniels knows that the life of an athlete is a rewarding one but it is also a difficult one, requiring a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Haley and her female canoe teammates were fighting to include their sport into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Recently they succeeded, however, while they are in the process Haley's dreams cannot be stopped. She is heading full force towards the Olympic games but she couldn't do it all by herself.

Haley appealed to the community of supporters in hopes of raising 6,000$. These costs are necessary to compete at international tournaments, which are prerequisites for the Olympic qualifications. She is hoping to cover only part of the costs and the rest with a part time work, some sponsorship funding, and sport grants. Nonetheless, her community of supporters joined her journey and she was able to 109% of her goal - reaching a total of 6,550$.

You can find her campaign here.