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 Success Stories

Everyone, meet Kelsey Andries - a Muay Thai fighter from Alberta, Canada, and recently, the World Muay Thai Champion. She was chosen to represent Canada in the 67kg weight division at the IFMA World Muay Thai Championships in Langkawi, Malaysia May 1-10, 2014. Muay Thai has been more than a sport in Kelsey's life - it was her winning weapon against eating and anxiety disorders. She decided to dedicate her life to the sport and becoming the World Champion.

To help her achieve this goal she turned to MAKEACHAMP and her supporters. She needed 10,000$ to make the travel to Malaysia and compete to the best of her abilities. Her supporters gathered together, providing her in more than 9,000$ in funding. Leveraging the motivation from her campaign, Kelsey beat her Russian opponent in the finals, claiming the gold medal and the title of the World Muay Thai Champion.

Check out her campaign here. Below is her victorious fight against Russia.


Photo credit: Gabe Yee, 403K Films!