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Traditional Baseball Sponsorship

Baseball sponsors may sponsor entire teams of baseball players or, in the case of demonstrated talent, sponsor one player to emphasize and promote the particular baseball team and its attributes. This exposure promotes the team but also promotes the sponsor and its product. Any professional baseball player who appears promoting a particular product benefits from making additional money from sponsorship. This athlete also reaches a diverse demographic for the promotion and monetary gain of the corporation who sponsors that particular player. For baseball teams that are not professional but are league based and in need of funding, smaller businesses may sponsor baseball teams. Most teams offer certain packages that benefit the sponsor for a certain amount of money paid. Many teams will design of sponsorship package that specifically caters to a particular promoter and their needs.

For example, pricing for advertising during innings with accompanied music, advertising near the score board, and promotional wording on the back of tickets or in the sports program literature may be purchased in a sponsorship package deal. How large the size of the promotional ads is dependant on the amount of sponsorship funding.

Sponsored team members may wear particular business logos on jackets, there may be giveaways from particular promoter's businesses given out during games upon certain scores or on particular happenings during innings. For example, if the pitcher strikes out the batter in the 4th inning with that team's score under a certain number then a particular business that sponsored a certain amount of money will be promoted. Homeruns are considered another great way to promote sponsorship businesses. When a homerun is scored music is played and a business may be announced or displayed on a scoreboard. Banners may be hung on the sides of playing fields and names of promotes displayed on scoreboards. Special programs that have souvenir value may be printed with the company sponsor on the back cover or with significant placement in the design inside.

Sponsorship package costs are determined by the team's type of marketing and also by the type of sponsorship any business or corporation decides to make. Some team sponsorships are as low as $100.00 and some are as high as 5 million dollars. Needs of the team, popularity of the team and its exposure as well as ability to contribute to advertising all may factor in to differing prices.

Source: http://findasponsor.com

Crowdfunding Baseball teams

Crowdfunding opens the possibility for everyone to sponsor your baseball team - all they need is a credit card and the desire to do so. Your MAKEACHAMP campaign will allow your team and all its players to share the campaign among your circle of supporters. The magical thing about this is that it is easy and hustle free. For example the University of Quebec in Montreal Cheerleading and Basketball teams raised more than 20,000$ within couple of days. Even the Univesity of Laval Men's Volleyball raise more than 12,000$. You can also join this success and raise the funds you need for your team, to get started click here. For more information on how to create a team campaign click here.