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Equestrian Sponsorship

Equestrian sponsors provide equipment and funding for equestrian competitions. Equestrian competition involves horses and riders competing for awards in different categories. Equestrian sponsorships help to furnish competitions with adequate means of caring for horses, equipment used for competitions, equipment and clothing for riders, veterinary care for horses and other essential riding and competition equipment.

There are national and international horse competitions. These riding events are sponsored by corporations all over the world. Equestrian sponsors may be those businesses or larger corporations, or even individuals with the financial means, contributing to a sport they love and perhaps participate in themselves.

Sponsorship of equestrian events includes multiple types of competitions with ribbons and cash prizes awarded, as well as merchandise from sponsors. There are jumping competitions, dressage competitions, western style competitions, 3 day events involving show, cross country, and dressage competitions, as well as hunter events, fox hunts, endurance riding, and polo. Equestrian events are often weekend events and opportunity for promotion is huge. Sponsors of equestrian events reap large benefits from horse people because equestrian pursuits are more of a lifestyle than a hobby, and so a perceived need is one for which money is spent.

During equestrian events banners are hung and trailers are set up specifically to promote certain products. Saddles, riding gear such as harnesses, bits, and reins, riding classes, horse farms for boarding and breeding, clothing such as helmets, boots, riding pants and other clothes, feed for horses, vitamins for horses and other essential horse diet additions may all be showcased at large and well sponsored horse shows.

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Equestrian Crowdfunding


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