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I have never given up on my quest to success and I want to become a champion. And I'm not going to let a lack of funding stop me. I launched a campaign to help me beat the odds and together I know we can achieve greatness. There is no sport quite like squash for me. It is where I feel at home. Since I was 13 years old squash has been my safe haven. Through squash I’ve fallen in love with pushing my boundaries and when I think I’ve reached my limit to think again and push harder.

Squash can be known as an elitist sport mostly played in fancy sport clubs, country clubs you name it. While Squash introduced me to a world that was absolutely foreign to me and to people who did not necessarily look like me it did not stop. The difference intrigued me. My story was very different than most squash players I knew.

My Story

My family immigrated to the United States when I was four years old but we were undocumented. For most of my life I knew I was what people called an “alien.” I knew that a latina undocumented girl who grew up in my neighborhood was not statistically favored to achieve or attain much. The reality of barriers due to lack of documentation and resources was real. During the time I was growing up there were heavy immigration raids in my community. I tried to never speak about this but it became harder when my dreams became bigger and my squash development faster. Traveling outside the U.S. to compete in larger competitions and other opportunities became impossible, focusing on gaining admission into college with funding became unlikely.

Thankfully I not only found mentors in the Squash world that stuck with and believed in me but I was also very hungry to exhaust myself every single day having gone to bed working harder than everyone I knew. That was the only target, to go to bed having worked harder and learned more than the previous day.

Due to a lot of courage, patience, determination and people's kindness here I stand on top of this mental precipice staring at my future as I finish Columbia University. I am not afraid but I am curious, curiosity challenges me and excites me.

As I look back at Columbia I think of the long lasting friendships, the valuable life lessons and a purpose. A purpose to make a difference for the many in this world.

My team of supporters

Playing squash at Columbia has given me an opportunity to forge connections and relationships with individuals whose lives are very different than mine but whose common thread was Squash.  I have learned so much from them and I hope they have too. Prior to launching my campaign I spend nights and days going through ideas with them, having them look at my plans and answering questions to make sure the launch and video would look professional and be everything I wanted it to. They have made me laugh, they have been there to push me and support. They were loving, believed in me and cheered me on during the days when I needed to hear it the most. I will miss them a lot but I know that they will be watching me compete and I can count on their love and support, giving me that extra motivation during every match.


As this has been my first time myself doing a crowdfunding campaign , I am nervous and also excited. This is MAKEACHAMP’s single largest campaign ever, $40,000 in total. I am not one to be afraid of breaking new ground and records. The crowdfunding campaign mirrors perfectly what I am trying to achieve which is to become a professional athlete and be an inspiration to others. I want to change the face of squash in the United States and MAKEACHAMP is here to help.

With all this being said, 2016 is going to be a great year and full of excitement. It is time to spread my wings for a new adventure that will be defined by what I do and how I do it. I am going to need all the support possible this year because it will be busy and fun. Let’s make it memorable.

Check out my campaign here.