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The prestigious 2014 IBJJF World Judo Championships are here and MAKEACHAMP has helped fund more than 20 athletes. BJJ's popularity is soaring throughout the world and many athletes are starting to dedicate their lives to it. Unfortunately just like many amateur sports there isn't much funding available for the athletes. As a result more than 20 athletes set up MAKEACHAMP campaigns to try to get help from their friends, family, fans and the crowd. Check out the list of athletes here

Arya Esfandmaz was one of these athletes. He set up a campaign to raise funds for his travel from the United Kingdom all the way to California. A total 5,437 miles stood between him and the World Championships. Likely for him, his fans joined his journey by helping him accumulate 1,500 pounds. - just what he needed. Lets wish him all the best at the IBJJF World Championships! Check out his campaign here.