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Once you have your campaign running and you started getting contributions, it is important to express gratitude to contributors publicly. However, many athletes with Facebook Pages are not able to reach their audience as well as they can with the individual Facebook profiles. The reasons for this is that Facebook does not allow pages to tag individual profiles. The result is that public thank you's on Facebook pages go unnoticed - this can have a negative effect on the reach of your campaign. Below we've outlined steps that you could take to actually increase the exposure you get on your Facebook Thank you's.

1. Send friend requests to contributor on Facebook

With your personal Facebook profile, add the contributor on Facebook as a friend. You can try to type in their nickname rather than their full name or you can simply put their email in the search box- if they registered with that email the person will pop-up. If you want your Facebook information to remain hidden from this individual you can change the privacy settings of your profile. If you can not find the individual on Facebook - you may want to email them and ask them if they'd like a public shout-out. If they don’t have Facebook you can try to find a picture of them with you and give them the shout-out with tagging them.


2. Uploading a public photo

Next, find a picture of you with the individual OR simply upload a picture of yourself training/competing. Next, write couple of sentences about the importance of that individual's contribution and how grateful you are - make sure to add the link to your campaign. Next change the settings of your status to public.



Important guidelines for the social media thank you’s :

  • Use the word contribution

  • Dedicate 1 status for 1 contributor

  • Add a personal message

  • Tag the individual

  • Add the link to your campaign

  • Do this 2-3 times per day

  • Have at least 2 hours between each post

  • Add the link to your campaign


3. Change the "user" of your Facebook Page:

Just as in the picture below, change the user of your Facebook from your personal Facebook profile to your Facebook Page.:



The top of your Facebook should have changed to your Facebook Page :



4. Share the picture and status using your page. 

Now, in the search find your personal Facebook profile - you should be able to see the recent picture you posted with the tag. Click “share” and the result is below:



If you have any questions or need any assistance with this or with any other part of your MAEKACHAMP campaign, don't hesistate to contact us at .