Storytelling : How A Young Equestrian Rider Became The Subject of a Feature Documentary

In the age of Instagram, Facebook & MAKEACHAMP, athletes need to be better story-tellers. Most however, feel that they first need to become a world champion or an Olympian before being able to draw in crowds and interest influencers.  The story of Abby Banis, a young, hopeful equestrian rider, is an inspiring case for many athletes. Seemingly another young girl who loves horse riding, Abby was still the subject of Katie Benedict's latest documentary : How to Raise A Champ. Her hopes and dreams, and the support of her parents and community are featured in the film. We spoke with...

#RoadToRio with MAKEACHAMP

The most saught after competition for amateur athletes is the Olympic Games. Athletes dream of one day representing their country at the biggest competition in the world. For many, thats what it remains, a dream while for a few lucky ones it becomes a reality. The road to become an olympian is not an easy one by any means, it is long, hard and filled with anything from sacrifice to failures and triumphs. It is the true test of human potential. How long can you suffer in order to achieve your dreams? The answer to this question is very often...

14 reasons you should support amateur/Olympic athletes

MAKEACHAMP is on a mission to help as many athletes as possible. We're inviting your join us an make 2014 the year to support amateur/Olympic athletes. Here are 14 reasons you should join in. 1. They can’t do it without you Athletes are extremely hard working and very often under funded. By not supporting our athletes we are sending them on missions without the fuel they need. Support Olympic and amateur athletes because without funding they simply can’t keep doing what they do best - win.


This year hundreds of top judokas from all over Canada will face off in Saguenay, Quebec looking to be crowned Canadian Judo Champions.  Besides rigorous training a lot of the judoka have to worry about paying for their trip to Saguenay. Some athletes will be left behind simply because they cannot afford the travel. The National Judo Championships should be a test of skill, hard work and talent; and not money.