Tennis Sponsorship and Crowdfunding

Tennis Sponsorship and Crowdfunding Corporations who sponsor tennis players provide equipment and funds for the player's use as well as providing promotional opportunities for the tennis sponsor. Tennis players who achieve a level of excellence in tennis playing through numerous tennis matches are likely to get big money tennis sponsorships that promote clothing and shoe lines, tennis equipment such as rackets and balls, and other tennis associated equipment. Professional tennis sponsorships provided by corporations cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Companies sponsor their products with the help of personalities who have international recognition and influence on the public...

Skateboarding Sponsorship and Crowdfunding

Skateboarding Sponsorship  Skateboarding sponsors provide equipment, funding and exposure to skateboarders who have demonstrated ability in their sport. Skateboarding sponsorships contribute to the skateboarder's success as an individual who stands out among his or her peers. For those skateboarders who are gifted, show desire to succeed, and who are willing to hold up ther end of a promotional contract, skateboarding sponsorship may be in their future.

Figure Skating Sponsorship and Crowdfunding

Figure Skating Sponsorship Figure skating sponsors may be those sponsors offering figure skating sponsorships to Olympic, professional or beginner figure skaters to help fund their skate endeavors and to contribute to skate clubs and organizations for the benefit of future skaters and the organizations they support.

Equestrian Sponsorship and Crowdfunding

Equestrian Sponsorship Equestrian sponsors provide equipment and funding for equestrian competitions. Equestrian competition involves horses and riders competing for awards in different categories. Equestrian sponsorships help to furnish competitions with adequate means of caring for horses, equipment used for competitions, equipment and clothing for riders, veterinary care for horses and other essential riding and competition equipment.