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This year hundreds of top judokas from all over Canada will face off in Saguenay, Quebec looking to be crowned Canadian Judo Champions. 
Besides rigorous training a lot of the judoka have to worry about paying for their trip to Saguenay. Some athletes will be left behind simply because they cannot afford the travel. The National Judo Championships should be a test of skill, hard work and talent; and not money.


For the second year in a row, MAKEACHAMP unites the Canadian Judo community to make sure every judoka has the funds they need to get to the Canadian Judo Nationals. MAKEACHAMP has created a unique campaign where all the funds that are raised, will be split equally among athletes with campaigns for the National Championships. 

A contribution to this campaign goes a long way to help athletes because all the funds will be split equally among athletes already raising funds - it is these athletes that need your support the most. Your contribution will properl those campaigns forward, helping them raise more funds.


So if you are a judoka and you are going to compete at the 2014 Canadian National Championships, you can get a portion of the funds collected by this campaign. All you have to do is create a campaign on MAKEACHAMP towards Nationals before April 25th and you will receive a portion of the funds collected by this campaign.  

The question is are you making sacrifices or are you making excuses - Sasha Mehmedovic