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Dear Champions, as you might be aware, the success of your campaign depends on your ability to gather a circle of supporters around you goal and campaign. As a result, we've added some extra horsepower into your MAKEACHAMP profile. Simply, by logging into your MAKEACHAMP profile, you'll be able to access a powerful email marketing system and update and share your campaign to Twitter and Facebook. Below is how you should leverage these tools to increase the chances of reaching your funding goal. 

Here you can watch a tutorial on how to utilize this emailing system to effectively get contributions to your campaign. We've also included a step-by-step procedure below with 3 steps to maximize the output of this system:



Step 1 : Log in

When you log into your MAKEACHAMP profile and click "PROMOTE" you'll land on the "SEND EMAILS" tab highlighted in orange:



Step 2 : Import or Add Contacts

Start by importing 15 of your biggest supporters - the ones that you think will contribute immediately - by using the 'Import Contacts' button or manually add them using the 'Add a Contact' button. This emailing system will automatically send them 5 emails throughout your campaign duration until they contribute. When you press "IMPORT CONTACTS" the window below will pop up - you will be able to select the email inbox from which you'd like to import all the contacts or select some specific ones. 



You can also select "ADD A CONTACT". In this case an empty row will open in the table below. All you have to do is enter an email and a name. We suggest to use a name you'd personally call the individual such as Uncle Bob or Auntie Ann.  As soon as you do that, this individual will receive 5 emails in the span of the duration of your campaign OR until they contribute.



Step 3 : Keeping Track has never been easier

Actually you're job is done. Our emailing system will keep you updated with the progress. In the status, it will show the number of emails that have been sent and will show "Contribute" when the contact has successfuly contributed to your campaign.



We hope you've found this information usefull. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at .