MAKEACHAMP is everywhere, growing fast, and still hiring. Here’s how we did it

The Vancouver Sun writes : Chronically underfunded amateur athletes have turned to MAKEACHAMP.com to get to competitions and races. Oeil Régional : MAKEACHAMP appuie l'ascension fulgurante du footballeur François Rocheleau. THE STAR : MAKEACHAMP is that kind of financial help and kind words of encouragement which help fuel the woman pursuing a big Olympian dream North Shore News : Liam Peiffer is riding on top of the world, after a successful campaign on MAKEACHAMP.com La Presse : L'Usine à Champions / The Champions Factory. You have probably heard about MAKEACHAMP’s rising growth. And you may have read how the crowdfunding...

MAKEACHAMP In Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms For 2015

MAKEACHAMP is ranked in the Top 10 crowdfunding websites to watch in 2015, according to leading crowdfunding expert Zach Miller. Montreal-based startup MAKEACHAMP is the favorited platform for sports in the list, which includes well-known names in the crowdfunding industry such as Kickstarter, AngelList and Kiva.  Crowdfunding has become a global phenomenon and is already a 2.7 billion-dollar industry with the potential for exponential growth in the coming years. MAKEACHAMP is a great example of this rising trend: started in late 2012, the platform raised over a million dollars for athletes in 2014. MAKEACHAMP is now leading in social media,...

Promote Update - Powerful emailing system

Dear Champions, as you might be aware, the success of your campaign depends on your ability to gather a circle of supporters around you goal and campaign. As a result, we've added some extra horsepower into your MAKEACHAMP profile. Simply, by logging into your MAKEACHAMP profile, you'll be able to access a powerful email marketing system and update and share your campaign to Twitter and Facebook. Below is how you should leverage these tools to increase the chances of reaching your funding goal.