Get over a cold/flu like a champ - athlete guide

In our mission to help athletes achieve their goals, we’ve some collected powerful and natural remedies to help you recover from a cold. So, you’ve over-trained and now you’re down with a cold plagued with a cough, sore throat, headache, sneezing but more importantly you are exhausted and weak. Time is ticking and your opponents are working hard. You can’t afford to let this virus get the best of you. Keep your head up, get your gloves on, we're going on the offence and attacking every symptom. 

5 facts athletes need to know about motivation

In our mission to help athletes achieve their goals, we've collected 5 science-backed action plans to keep you motivated until your athletic goals are achieved. We've all had moments of inspiration where we felt we could conquer the world. However, soon enough reality hit - leaving us demoralized, in a state of stagnation and unable to move forward in our athletic careers. Now imagine being able to tap into the source of limitless inspiration on a daily basis, here is how:

Happy Holidays

We want to wish you and your loved ones happy holidays. These holidays, we want to also thank you for supporting an athlete and believing in their dream. We hope that your act of kindness has been a rewarding one.