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 Tips & Tricks

When a campaign gets stuck in slow motion and progress isnt being made, do not panic. This happens, a lot more than one can imagine. Actually a lot campaigns get to a certain percentage of their objective and then never make it any further. The first important thing a team or an athlete has to do, is to check their outreach with their first circle.

Back to the basis - first circe of supporters

The first circle consists of family members and the closest circle of friends. They are a campaigns most important asset because they help with the fundraising and the outreach. If a campaign fails to adequately reach out to the people in the first circle then the chances of a successful campaign are very slim. The potential of the first circle has to be tapped into so that the chances of a campaigns success are optimized. The first circle is the foundation of any crowdfunding campaign. One must use the first circle to the fullest.

Off to the fireworks with the media

Another important facet that can revive a campaign is by reaching out to the media. Local newspaper, news channels and freelance bloggers can all be reached and some will respond. This will massively aid in your outreach on social media and many more viewers can come to your page. Media can become a campaigns greatest asset and should never be discounted from a crowdfunding campaign. Media is a vital asset that can help you reach your crowd of viewers and contributors.

If you revitalize your campaign and you are able to hit the crowd then contributions should become more frequent. The crowd contains your largest source of viewers and potential contributors. The crowd can be composed of any sports fan around the world. This means that there are very little limits as to who would be a viewer and contributor of your campaign. Reaching the crowd is the final step for a successful campaign, you can learn more about reaching the crowd in this post.

When in doubt, get an extension

If any of the steps mentioned above takes time and the deadline is approaching then an extension could be required. One has to make sure that the extension isnt too long because it is important to generate support and not let it drag on beyond a certain timeframe. So when you choose an extension it is important to get the timing right. An extension to a campaign is a normal eventuality so if you do need one then dont hesitate to email .