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Where it all begins 

Last Monday night the Golden State Warriors completed a comeback for the ages. Down 3-1 in the series against Oklahoma City Thunder, the Warriors won three games in a row. Those victories earned the team the opportunity to defend its NBA Championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (otherwise known as “The Splash Brothers”) turned up big time, proving yet again they are a unique and powerful combination. MAKEACHAMP team campaigns also provide an opportunity for individual athletes to combine their efforts to get remarkable results.  

While no one in the League compares to Steph and Klay at the moment, all successful teams have multiple assets that work together to generate winning outcomes. Look at Game 6 last Saturday night. It was Klay Thompson’s turn to shine, scoring 41 points, securing a Game Seven which we now know the Warriors won. Klay stepped up in a must win game while Steph, Green, Iguodala were not at their absolute best.

Stepping Up 

Likewise, in a MAKEACHAMP team campaign, on any given day, one person will “step up,” really exercise the MAKEACHAMP platform, and generate many contributions. But what’s critical is that over the span of the team campaign, ALL members of the team must grab their individual moment to shine. Bottom line: when all members of a team step up, great things happen on the field, on the court and in fundraising, too.

For the Warriors, the end goal is crystal clear: by playing as a team, win a second consecutive NBA title and perhaps begin a dynasty.  For a team raising money by crowdfunding with MAKEACHAMP, the objective is also clear: to act in concert during the fundraising process so that the maximum amount of money can be raised toward the team goal.

Home Crowd Advantage

When the Oracle Center where Golden State plays its home games is rocking with 20,000 screaming fans, the Warriors are practically unbeatable. There’s something in the crowd that significantly elevates the team’s level of play. With MAKEACHAMP, the cheering crowd is the community of supporters the team builds by each athlete doing their part using MAKEACHAMP’s social media and community building tools. Just like Warrior fans, your team supporters are out there in very large numbers. The question is simply will each member of the team do their part to reach a slice of that big supporter community?

The Warriors, when they play as a team, win more than 90% of the time! But within the team, it’s each individual member maxing out his contribution that yields the team results. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  So it is with crowdfunding by a team like yours: the best result for the TEAM is attained when each MEMBER does their part to their fullest potential.