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Tarik Hopstock is a Norwegian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. His campaign is focused around the IBJJF World Championship. Tarik has reached 227% of his total goal in a record 3 days. With 55 Supporters and 558 Shares Tarik's campaign has skyrocketed past its goal in a record time. Below is a small interview that I had the pleasure to have with Tarik.

Q1) What made you start the sport you are currently training in?

I initially started out training judo in a small club for two years, but there was only one training every week. I searched for somewhere else nearby to start training more often and a friend of mine introduced me to Frontline Academy. Eduardo Rios is an inspiring trainer and really pushed me hard to reach my goals. As a juvenile he would push me to train with the more advanced classes and get beat up. From there on I got hooked to this amazing sport and it never ceases to amaze me. For me, every day I rediscover the sport and I find new important details. There is always that room for improvement.

Q2) What are the greatest challenges you face in your sport? Mentally and physically?

My greatest challenge mentally is keeping my mindset right when I compete, but after doing so a couple of times I've learned how to keep my mind calm. I stop myself from thinking about the negative things and rather think of it like I’ve got nothing to lose.

Physically my greatest challenge is having many fights in one day, especially when I have a big bracket in my weight division and then the open weight starts soon after. It’s also complicated to get some solid meals throughout the competition day, which really lowers my stamina at the end of the day.

Q3) Do you have a prepared routine for training before a competition? How do you prepare on the day of the competition?

Our ordinary routine is building the training towards the competition. Around 4-3 weeks before, we focus more on competition oriented training. That means; sticking to the stuff you know how to work (your game), the sparring rounds are seven minutes long (like in the tournament) and always having the point system in mind whilst rolling.

On the day of the competition I try to focus on the positive. I’m not the angry fighter type, it just makes me dumber and blind to see what my opponent is setting up. I usually make a playlist with some songs that motivates me during warm-up or between fights.

Q4) Which sport athlete do you idolize and why?

I admire many great athletes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for their dedication to the sport and their humble lifestyle outside the gym. Ricardo Liborio is a great athlete that I idolize because of what he has done for others around him. He has such a positive influence on so many lives! I also look up to many of the athletes from my team!

Q5) What do you do during your free time? How do you like to relax?

In my free time I like to hang out with my friends (mostly training partners). We love to swim and BBQ in the summer. But I also love activities like skating and snowboarding depending on the season.

Q6) How has crowdfunding helped you? What personal benefits has it brought you?

Crowdfunding has made my dream possible! I was first shocked by how many people that supported me, all the amazing people out there! Having so many people backing me up means so much to me! It’s truly warms my heart that people want to see me do what I love and go further with my passion.  I am now more motivated than ever to continue pushing forward! Thank you all!

Q7) How has/is MAKEACHAMP helped/helping you achieve your goals?

Every athlete usually has to go through an economical struggle at some point, especially in smaller sports. And every athlete should have the opportunity to fulfill their dream. Makeachamp makes it easy for athletes to create a profile where they can show their achievements and dreams to the world. And there are so many incredible people out there that want to help out a bit.Thanks to the Makeachamp team!

Q8) Do you have any tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign?

You have to show people how dedicated you are and how bad you want it. Always be thankful for what you have and stay humble at all times! I believe the reason to my success was because all my friends shared my profile and spread the word. Thank you guys for showing so much love!

Q9) What is your favourite TV show and why?

I’ve always been a fan of superhero shows, so I’m currently hooked to “The Flash” and “Arrow”. I guess it’s because the plot always thickens and it’s exciting with all the action.

Q What is your favourite music and why?

I love to listen to a lot of different genres, but lately I’ve listened mostly to The Roots and Mos Def. Their music always has a good beat and gets me in a good mood.

Q11) What is your favorite food/snack?

My favourite food is Quesadillas and my favourite snack is acai and punsch-rolls.

This is the link to his campaign page: https://makeachamp.com/tarikhopstock/22729

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