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The most saught after competition for amateur athletes is the Olympic Games. Athletes dream of one day representing their country at the biggest competition in the world. For many, thats what it remains, a dream while for a few lucky ones it becomes a reality. The road to become an olympian is not an easy one by any means, it is long, hard and filled with anything from sacrifice to failures and triumphs. It is the true test of human potential. How long can you suffer in order to achieve your dreams? The answer to this question is very often the determinat factor of whether you will achieve your Olympic goal or not. 

However, there is a whole other issue that is in the background of the Olympic Games that most people simply do not see. Funding. The amount of funding that athletes get plays an unfair role in how far athletes get. The costs of becoming an Olympian are anything from 250,000$ to couple of millions of dollars. This is an undeniable fact and it is one that most athletes and family simply cannot overcome. The result is that many athletes quit and never reach their potential. When this happens, the athlete, the athletic community and the country suffers. 

At MAKEACHAMP, we believe that athletes work extremely hard to represent their community to the best of their abilities and the communities should step up and support them. We need to make sure that the Olympics and other athletic goals are tests that measure might rather than money.

We have an incredible group of athletes fighting to keep their dreams alive. We have an incredible group of supporters that are joining them in this fight because the cost of a dream is priceless. Here is just a sample, want all our athletes to succeed and make it to the top. These are just the ones we found recently, we'll be continuously editing and adding athletes to these list.


From : http://makeachamp.com/xavierdesharnais

Sport : nageur d’eau libre

Country : Canada

Je m’appelle Xavier Desharnais et je suis un nageur d’eau libre. Je viens de la belle ville de Sherbrooke, Qc et m’entraîne présentement à Montréal tout en allant à l’Université du même nom. Après avoir manqué les derniers Jeux Olympiques par peu au 10km en Eau Libre, je me suis juré de me reprendre en 2016


Campaign : http://makeachamp.com/marietaclozel

Sport : Judo

Country : Australia

My name is Marieta Clozel. I started judo when I was 7 and ever since I have centred my life around fulfilling my dreams in this sport; I knew from when I started judo that my goal was to go to an Olympic Games. I am now 28 years old and have a real chance of competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. This is the pinnacle of my sport. I am a legitimate chance at qualifying for the Games


Sport : Judo

Country : Canada

Olympic qualifications for the 2016 Games have just started, so a very busy 2 years is coming up for me! On the program; about 15 tournaments per year all over the world! I am currently in a very good position to qualify, being ranked #22 in the Olympic ranking and having recently won National Championships in -57kg, a very competitive category in Canada.


Campaign: http://makeachamp.com/matthewmiller

Sport : Wrestling

Country : Canada

My name is Matthew Miller and I am a Canadian Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestler out of Montreal, QC. I began my wrestling career in 1998, and since then have traveled and competed around the world representing Canada on a number of International and World Teams.

Campaign : http://makeachamp.com/carolineveyre

Sport : Boxing

Country : Canada

Depuis novembre dernier, je suis championne canadienne des 60 kg, une des trois catégories de poids admissibles aux JO. En étant sur l'équipe canadienne, je prendrai part à une multitude de compétitions au cours de l'année 2014 afin de représenter le pays aux quatre coins du monde.

Campaign : http://makeachamp.com/codyyano

Sport : Diving

Country : Canada

My name is Cody Yano and I am a 3-meter springboard diver on the Canadian National team. I have been diving for around 17 years, and my love for the sport only continues to grow. I first fell in love with diving when I saw it in the Olympics on TV. I knew that one day I wanted to represent my country at the Olympics, so I started as a gymnast. I also loved the water, and soon realized that diving combined both of those passions. I’ve been hooked ever since.