Success Story - Ally Todd

True champions find greatness in moments of weakness. As Ally’s life seemed in turmoil, she turned to BJJ as an outlet - not knowing that it is in this sport she would find salvation. Inspired by her father who became the world champion at the IBJJF Master Seniors World Championships, Ally also set her eyes on becoming a world champion. This 16 year-old BJJ blue belt is determined to claim her spot on the podium with hard work, passion and drive. To assist her in her goal she created a campaign with the total goal of 1800$ to cover the...

Success Story - Jacynthe Maloney

Despite the gentle demeanor, Jacynthe embodies the meaning of a fighter. She was collecting national and international titles in the sport of judo since a young age and continues to do so until today. Her fighting spirit led her to BJJ where her talent allowed her to establish dominance in the Canadian women’s BJJ.

UQAM - Citadins Cheerleading

Depuis la première journée de lancement de la campagne des Citadins, nous savions qu’elle passera  à l’histoire. C’est la première fois dans l’histoire qu’une université a choisi une plate-forme de financement participatif pour lever des fonds pour une équipe sportive. Les Citadins ont choisi MAKEACHAMP pour sa conception unique d’une campagne d’équipe qui met en valeur chaque membre de cette dernière. Presque chacun des athlètes a réussi à surpasser son but initial. Presque 500 supporteurs se sont réunis tous ensemble pour pousser encore plus les Citadins. Tous ensembles, ils ont réussi à amasser un total de 15,538$ atteignant 150% de...

Success Story - Dan Devlin

The goal is simple, get to Pan American games in Toronto in 2015 and qualify for Rio 2016 Olympics. However for Dan Devlin and the Canadian Handball team, the journey is not quite as simple. The challenges to achieve this dream are real. Handball is the passion shared among Dan and all his teammates.