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At first glance, GoFundMe and MAKEACHAMP look very similar and both serve as crowdfunding platforms. However, once you log in and start to familiarize yourself with both website’s features, you quickly realize that the two platforms cater their clients differently.

Of course, since I am writing this for MAKEACHAMP I might be biased but I am welcoming you to sign up to both GoFundMe and MAKEACHAMP to find out the differences for yourself.

Here are some difference that you should keep in mind.

MAKEACHAMP = Long Term. GoFundMe = Short Term

MAKEACHAMP is your long term solution for getting funding. This means that we want athletes, to create, grow and then monetize their online communities with us for the duration of their athletic careers.

We have this mission because we are athletes ourselves and we know the value of a relationship with a supporter, especially a paying one. This is way we built all the tools that an athlete needs to keep their supporters updated. We also know it's not easy to crowdfund without a community of followers or fans established.

GoFundMe is great if you need “emergency funding”. You can use MAKEACHAMP for that as well, but our emphasis is on building that community and maintaining a relationship with them for a long time. We’ve created all the tools that the athlete needs to make this happen.

Below is a list of tools that help athletes create, maintain and monetize their online supporters on a long term basis.

1. Get a free FanPage with MAKEACHAMP

We know the branding value of a website. As soon as an athlete has their own website, it means they are serious about their sport. However, creating a website has some unnecessary administrative fees and efforts. Therefore we made it as simple as possible for you to set up your website with your very own MAKEACHAMP FanPage.

2. Blogging platform

Unlike GoFundMe, your MAKEACHAMP FanPage comes with a complete blogging platform that allows you to create high quality blogs, for your supporters to enjoy. We’ll also be coming out with a “Sponsored Content” feature that will allow supporters to subscribe to your content for a monthly fee. Nonetheless, this blogging platform that is integrated with your social media is offered to help you connect with your supporters, grow your community and raise more funds in the long term.

3. Email Marketing system

Unique to your MAKEACHAMP FanPage, you have an email marketing system which allows you to manage your community of supporters. This email marketing system holds the contacts of all the supporters that have subscribed to your FanPage as well as contributed to your campaigns.

Your FanPage is the central hub for your athletic career. This is where journalists, sponsors, and supporters come to learn about you and your athletic activities. This is where you create, maintain and grow your community of fans and followers.

Lastly and most importantly this is where you finance your sports. Your FanPage allows you to receive feedback and support from individuals that are truly passionate for your athletic goals.